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A puzzle game for one or two players. Push blocks, collect shinies, chase orbs and avoid hazards in the ocean depths. Certain elements are randomised, making each playthrough subtly different. The later levels are rather hard, and many objects are dangerous, but you can always respawn and try again.

There is no tutorial. Please check the game manual for tips and instructions.

Developed by @Zack Livestone.


  • Over 50 unique puzzles.
  • Local co-operative play.
  • Gamepad support.
  • Saves progress automatically.
  • Secret alternate ending with extra levels.
  • Digital Manual (PDF - A4, 300dpi).
  • Deep Chalk Dive Soundtrack (MP3 - 320kbps).


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Deep Chalk Dive - Game Manual 11 MB
Deep Chalk Dive - For Windows 37 MB
Deep Chalk Dive - For Mac 47 MB
Deep Chalk Dive - For Linux 49 MB
Deep Chalk Dive - Soundtrack 23 MB
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Is this a continuation of your Deep Chalk series?


Yes, the title is a play on 'Deep Chalk Five'. The black and white art style with photographic backgrounds and ambient music soundscape justify it as a continuation in my mind, even though the core game mechanics are different.


Awesome game. My Logitech Gamepad F310 didn't work, though, sadly; only left and right rotated the ship, but nothing could propel the ship forward or backwards. Is there any chance of a fix or menu to map commands?

Happy you enjoyed it! There should be an option to remap the keys on the game launcher, under the 'Input' menu. It's not ideal,  I hope to do a redux of DCD at some stage.


Install Joy to key software and it will works.


Great atmosphere. I ended up playing with 2 player mode. If you ever expand on it, an easier way to set up two gamepads would be nice.

Thank you! I'm planning to do a redux of the project someday to tighten up the experience, although I'm focusing on a new project at the moment.